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A customer brings us a problem with his lift gate. It was about to break away from the truck. My bad for not getting before pictures. I can tell you it had broken away at some point in the past and repair was poor welding and no structural support.
Big Mike was the man to handle it.
After getting it back in line as close as possible he added metal plating and angle then burnt it in with some great welding. Now our customer can feel confident each time the gate is used it's secure and safe.
Great job Mike and thank you!!A driver has his truck towed into DJ's stating the bull gear had gone bad. This being the information the roadside vendor had given him.
We moved the truck into the garage to check it out and the motor turns but nothing in the front part of the motor is so there is definitely a problem.
Looking through the motor and discussing the possibilities Huy (pronounced Wee) looks at the fan and comments it is on backwards. If you look at the picture he is correct.
With the fan backwards its blowing back towards the radiator and not the motor. The motor oil and coolant had mixed so bad it was like water when we drained it out.
More than likely the motor has gotten so hot it has ruined the seals as well as the piston liners allowing the mix to happen which means the motor is useless in its current state and should be rebuilt along with the front cover.
The driver told me it had never ran as well as it did just before it quit. Not the first time we have heard that.
The owner claims to be a mechanic so maybe he put the fan on, if so made a big mistake that will cost him terribly and I hate that. Drivers work hard enough when things are going well, problems like this just set an owner or company back.
Drivers should definitely be knowledgeable about their equipment and I have met many that are very much so, and it's understandable the more a driver or owner operator can repair on their own there is a cost savings. BUT If you don't know or not sure call us and let us help you keep from making a mistake like this.
We share the good and bad. This was bad but we hope it may help someone keep from making a similar costly mistake in the future.
Thank you all for looking at our site and our Facebook page. We appreciate you very much.


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